What You Should Know About Proof of Keys Event (Jan. 3rd)

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Published on January 2, 2019

Should you take part in this event?
This video will spotlight what to look out for and why this is important.

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  1. You can't sell from your wallet! So ??? What are you suggesting?

  2. Convenience is not synonymous with security. Very well said!!!

  3. What is a good secure offline wallet to use?

  4. kdel


  5. back to real crypto! good intro song!
    Happy New Year!

    some day the sun will shine after
    the long dark tea time of the soul.

  6. Paper wallets vs ledger nano?? For 5-10 years storage.. Plz advice

  7. Fluxor

    Just as I thought, a pointless attempt to force people into fear porn. Welcome to the internet.

  8. My cash is in FDIC insured accounts.
    My securities are in SIPC insured accounts.
    My crypto is in the mattress (okay, Nano S)

    When the FDIC insures BTC, I'll store it an institution that takes advantage of it, provided the rate of interest is acceptable.

    Anything else is nutty.

  9. The good ol U.S. government allows banks and stock brokers to rehypothecate dollars and stock shares. I'd assume they would allow coinbase to do it.

  10. coin desk is the cnn of crypto, fake fucking news. However get that nut babe.

  11. Reee

    I wanna know how many people did it? Exchanges are still working. Either exchanges are honest about the amount of BTC they have or not enough people did proof of keys.

  12. i believe proof keys will uncover d face of current financial system
    "Boa Ano"! welcome to 2019
    Thank you

  13. Heidi, you're a "Fire Woman"! LOL! Great video by the way!

  14. dBEST….I don't bliv in pok…
    Left the elephants fight… Leave the ants out of it.

  15. The Cult? F… Yesss! You are a woman of culture!

  16. Joe S

    I used to have 2 BTCs and about 10 ETHs, now i have nothing since i got into Bitmex. lol

  17. Do I get a gold star for taking my crypto off the exchanges? PLEASE

  18. Buon natalie e Buon anno e grazie for that comprehensive explanation of proof of keys. Speriamo quest anno e meglio

  19. Regardless of what people have to say about this event there will be something to be learned from it if you pay attention and look in the right places for the aftermath. HitBTC has already reacted? Lets see who else sticks their heads out! Pay attention closely. If it catches on later years will tell us a lot more!

  20. jvar

    omg whos this beautiful intelligent lady, dm me

  21. …okay and what about an exchange worth it's salt had 90% safely in cold storage and the rest was for active day trading? They wouldn't be able to meet the demand and give a false impression of insolvency…sounds like hodlers are going to cut off their noses to spite their faces by creating negative news: like we really need to do that to ourselves.

  22. Proof Of Keys: Important but only the hardcore crypto people know about it.

    Interoperability will eliminate the final middle man: exchanges. Exchanges are the weakest point for government attack or seizure. Thieves in white.

    And Cyprus would have been a better example than Greece.

  23. I was under the impression that a Private Key was entirely private and that you don't share that Private with anyone !?!…

  24. I can't help but watch your videos. You have classic beauty, and from what I can till it is more than skin deep as you seem like a woman of character and intelligence too. Please don't change.

  25. Chris

    What's a trusted exchange to buy cardano with usd

  26. Chris

    How come you never had your ears pierced? Beliefs?

  27. John M

    Awesome song to start. Great advice! Would love if Trezor or Ledger would allow a home for MKR!

  28. A Loh

    Wish I could better understand how to get my BTC and fork coins OUT of my paper wallet. Moved off Coinbase and having a time fully understanding all the steps to bring it back. Thanks for your great vids!

  29. The BTC in the cold wallet with our private keys

    This is how this works

  30. Noel G

    DEX is answer against manipulation.

  31. In the Ethos universal wallet you can store a lot of coins while owning the private keys yourself!

  32. A bit off topic maybe. Heidi, thank you for planting the seed of 'Stick Figure' and their message in music. Love what you do, keep it up girl!

  33. Hey good lookin , part of your money should be in prescious metals.

  34. I Thank you very much for this explanation!!! Good job as always.

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