Who Controls Bitcoin Core? Programmer explains.

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Published on December 17, 2018
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Who are the people in charge of maintaining the Bitcoin Core code repository and what kind of influence does GitHub have over the development process? We also discuss the Lightning Network, as some people in the crypto space claim that Lightning Network was invented by the banks…

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  1. Great website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also

  2. Ute Ute

    Lol LN 18months away.bsv/scale/0conf/bsv for the win.

  3. the jews can infiltrate any and every thing….ur too trusting in the tech….they have ALL private keys!!!!

  4. Neil Ft

    Im soooooo tired of these old shitfaced 100 year old billionaires manipulating everything and ruining good things for common people……..i wish they would just hurry up and die

  5. Something clicked in a head, about lighting network, thank you

  6. R F

    when you come to BCH ?

  7. Guys! The FOMOtrain is riding! Jump on the FOMOtrain or you will miss the FOMOboat!

  8. Netscape!? You are much older than you look! 🙂

  9. Thank you again for a great video. Your calm fair nature, combined with excitement for the industry and consistent delivery are why people put their trust into your content.

  10. ignoring completely the fact that many of the Bitcoin devs work/ed for Blockstream who's major shareholder is AXA

  11. Will the LN work in a way, where every business who wants to accept bitcoin just opens their own node for transactions, or will there be many businesses and individuals on every node?

  12. Blockstream controls the core devs who control the github, the website, everything. BTC is a broken dead end, by design.

  13. Arne GE

    What happens if van der Laan dies and who would decide what changes get added to the main branch?

  14. Idk how old u are but I can tell u nobody ever said let’s search on Netscape. They would have said internet or aol then yahoo

  15. I wish YouTube had a “Love” button for this video !

  16. One of your best videos yet! Very relevant and informative. Thank you!

  17. Sorry Ivan, you're young and definitely naive. The MO of the controllers is to take over anything that becomes popular in the current western culture. BTC is no different. If you think it is you're just naive. BTC is no closer to mainstream adoption than 2 years ago and Lightning has yet to prove anything.

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