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Published on March 6, 2019
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  1. I agree that it is smarter to judge by actions rather than words (or slogans). If you see something wrong, vote with your wallet and take your business elsewhere. For many corporations the occasional 'apology' is just words. The only thing management are sorry about is being caught harvesting your information or taking extra fees… It is important to not be lazy. Corporations rely on people wanting convenience to lock them in. Even if it is a bit harder to use a true DEX or community P2P option it is better to stick with it and help them grow.

  2. "I'm the voice inside your head
    You refuse to hear.
    I'm the face that you have to face
    Mirrorin' your stare.
    I'm what's left, I'm what's right
    I'm the enemy.
    I'm the hand that'll take you down
    Bring you to your knees.
    So, who are you?! Yeah, who are you?!
    Yeah, who are you?! Yeah, who are you?!
    Keep you in the dark, you know they all pretend…"

  3. There is something that has been launched that will solve soooooo many issues that we are currently seeing in this space. It is far superior by a country mile and it does not affect Bitcoin or the cryptos but pushes it to another level. Mighty good. Hehehehe

  4. Usual Coinbase BS spin. Lets have HODLIT asap and all FIAT to crypto exchanges can go the way of the DoDo.

  5. my friends and family thought I was a wacko for mining/buying crypto in 2012-2013… and they still think Im a wacko today, for continuing to buy crypto…. I really dont care….

  6. so very true. the people are in charge of change. however with all these companies still prove.that many just use words "decentralized" as a selling point. "full.privacy". when are many are just creating conflict. makes it hard to determine who are the honest and trustworthy ones. again well said sincerely jr

  7. Hi, Thanks for great work. My question is that I am trying to setup up my new Ledger Nano S but it only allow me to install two apps the third one say sorry, not enough storage left! any idea on how I can fix the problem? Thanks

  8. There was another company round the 2017ish time frame, Blockchain Analysis I think, that was trying or are currently assisting the IRS in spilling the beans on users of #crypto in this beautiful #CryptoSphere . So, if anyone is holding or supporting them, fvck Y'all! Get right in Y'alls heads. As always Heidi, great video! Salute

  9. I think you are being shadow banned …

  10. Accountability is critical. Great info. Thank you Heidi!

  11. Great video Heidi! Thanks.

  12. MSB

    And thank you for being such a positive wonderful influence on the community : )

  13. No doubt! I love the way a guy can move some of his surplus income into a form that's impossible for criminals, government, or divorce court to just reach out and directly seize. Once you have bitcoins properly stored they become yours more than anything else in this world ever will be or ever can be yours. Everything else that you own can be taken from you far more easily than they can take your bitcoins. That's a kind of sovereignty that we just couldn't have until now. I've seen so many of my fellow mechanics utterly obliterated then enslaved when their cheating wives decide to throw them out of their family and move the new guy in. I've seen the "family court" seize the vast majority of the man's wealth and plunge him into a deep pit of debt. A lot of us give up and commit suicide after that since depending on the situation the heartbreak and financial obliteration are pretty much impossible to recover from. If you have a decent amount of bitcoins though, the moment wify throws you out and starts filing all the usual false accusations of domestic violence (or worse) to get automatic custody of the kids and start seizing wealth, the man can simply hop on a plane to Central or South America and start a new life there. The woman will get everything that isn't protected in crypto anyway (house, 401k, savings, precious metals and so on) so there's no point in wearing yourself out trying to defend yourself in that Kangaroo court. So the option of running might be the thing to do. Davincij15 ran when his wife stabbed him in the back, filed for divorce and began preparing to seize millions worth of BTC (simply because she wanted to sleep with other men). Now it's he's safely in south america and it's he who decides how much child support he sends. Up till now the only defense a man had against the overwhelming power of divorce court was suicide. That was the only way to escape the government enforced "pay or go to jail" slavery that men are almost always placed into once the woman throws him out of her family. Now though, we have a way to protect the wealth we've spent a lifetime creating. Nowadays the family court doesn't necessarily have ultimate power. Now, at last a man has some options. He can run if it becomes necessary. This is why I urge every man to get his hands on some BTC and lock it into a form that only he can access. It's an insurance fund. Even if you only have a few thousand dollars in BTC it can still be a handy emergency fund that a man can use to get a roof over his head and keep his car insurance paid up when his wife has seized everything else.

  14. We all, are the all seeing eye for crypto…ya baby. Great video

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