Who I Avoid in the Crypto Space and Why

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Published on January 12, 2020


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  1. I try to do my part, I try to do daily r/bitcoin top 10 videos…

  2. Lot a good points. Definitely never trust a politician. They always tell you what you want to hear. They're good talkers.

  3. I agree with most of it but not with the reasons why we should hold cryptocurrency. The reason why something crashes is because everyone is there for the money.

  4. DD

    I love the music choice in your videos! 🙂

  5. A D

    Looking for the links of your other platforms

  6. R C

    Ain't nothing negative about what you say. All those you called out are the negative ones you are spot on!

  7. Ok so I been looking at paxg (gold)to add to my portifolio. Do you think that adding gold to a crypto portifolio is a good bet or just leave the fund on stock market in gold.

  8. I like the way you think, will definitely take your advice on those that come and go. So far the ones I avoided are those that mimic the "politicians" who are in it all for the power and will never let go of any power and control that they have in any of the "decentralized" blockchains. They don't do as they say = politicians!

  9. You must find voting really difficult.

  10. I'm here in this space because I believe this technology will thrive in 5 years or even decades!

    I HODL but I'm also passionate about this as this is my second chance in life.

  11. Yes many more new coins coming out the are decentralized platforms. I have some of there Airdrops posted on my Channel. Get ready for a new change in the internet.

  12. Great video. Yeah, totally agree with your avaoidance list. I am sick to my teeth of freaking TA videos!

  13. HEX is that one coin Haha “Hex is better than bitcoin” Richard Heart Lolol SMH

  14. XRP MOON CULTISTS are the best people in the entire crypto sphere hands down… if you think they are narrow minded or dont comprehend the future and diversification then that is just your personal bigotry limiting your own crypto IQ development and I feel sorry for you if you can't dabble in hardcore moon cult land haha maybe we have a little too much knowledge and it scares ppl who can't handle the truth?

    Just because XRP is the one, doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to people who have discovered the truth that XRP is the one.

    Hate speech.

  15. Happy Crypto New Year. This promises to be a really interesting year in so many ways. I'll continue to get my regular fix, of all things Crypto Tips, from the exotic locations of your wonderful trips. 🙂


  17. Your opinions on this topic are EXACTLY the same as mine, so that just must mean that we are both highly intelligent and correct, doesn't it ?!?! Hahaha

    You have a beautiful mind…

  18. Avoid the xrp moon boys and girls that is all, subscribed btw nice vid!

  19. Bitcoinmeister said that Bitcoin is the only Crypto you should Buy if not you in the 80% group. And Learn Crypto / Wyckoff SMI went dark it has been one month since he made a video.

  20. No real info here . Just a meeting place for SIMP admirers of a mediocre wahmen.
    All world blue pilled SIMP'S, come here and unite!

  21. Avoid Richard Heart. He's headed for prison …

  22. You are amazing! I like your person. I ll continu enjoying your video for long. xx

  23. Typical girly talk. A 30yr old woman acting like 9yr old. no substance.

  24. Happy new year Heidi! keep up the good videos and the good vibes!

  25. Heidi, you are the prettiest girl in all of crypto! Having said that, you are also one of the most positive, consistent, and inspiring voices in our space as well. Keep up this most valuable work and remember your contribution is not in vain!

  26. I’ve been watching your videos for a year or so now and I agree with you more than anyone in this space.

    Anytime I talked to someone about cryptocurrencies I always ask them about their knowledge of fiat. You MUST know about our current system to understand the next.

  27. How do you keep all the crypto guys off of you? Lol hah just kidding awesome video! We as a community have to grow through the bear market I’m definitely here to stay I started my channel while on the downtrend

  28. Rob-W

    Toooo true Heidi. So sad that the majority of polies hold ZERO altruism and only speak from a point of protecting their position and votes. Here is to all u amazing folks who risk something/anything to help others around the globe particularly those who experience unforseen and events and those who were not informed of the truth by their government bodies!!

  29. Crypto + cute = I hope to marry someone similar

  30. Estou encantado com tanta beleza e encanto pela sua luz portanto me procure porem espero Amei você !

  31. Encantado com a vossa presença prazer em ter a oportunidade de estè com você e que a paz esteja convosco

  32. This is the first video I watch on your channel, and I already really like your channel and content! Subscribed

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