Why you should NOT use fatbtc.com exchange

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Published on October 30, 2018

Why you should NOT use fatbtc.com exchange

2018-04-19 17:27:55

The exchange deals with fake trading volume. I’ve seen this pattern for DAYS now. Any mention of this in their telegram leads to an immediate ban. Avoid this exchange at all costs.

You can also only withdraw 0.1 BTC a day with Verification 1. You can withdraw 50 BTC a day with Verification 2 but this requires your passport/ID pic. Don’t trust a website that uses fake trading volume with your information.


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  1. Walk theline

    Dude good video, but you gotta figure out how to lower your clicker volume.. if I turn down my volume, i can’t hear you talk but i can still hear CLICK CLICK CLICK.. But thanks for the heads up, Was about to send a bag over

  2. Adhiraj Ajathasathru

    I have faced the same issue. Can't buy or sell the coins. Even I have tested with same idea as yours, ripple(buy + sell): buy on FCNY 4.07 and sell on 4.08,….and guess what; the whole trading stopped until I removed the limits.

  3. Connor Anderson

    Its because buyers and sellers are clicking on a price and choosing a price rather then selling the at the last price. Your price is 0.002200 and they sold at 0.002205 – these arnt the same prices – tiniest bit different. You need exact prices, not near the same, even if that means close to nothing in sats.
    Who knows, someone might have had a sell order at that price from way back and forgot about it and that specific price triggered a sale of the full or tiny portion of that sell order.
    A Chinese exchange would pump in fake volume, if they did they would be done for price manipulation and the government wouldn't allow that. The Chinese are all over that. Think a little harder before you question and feel the urge to create a youtube video to destroy credit of a exchange.

  4. Harry van der Veen

    why people should not look at your video, coz nobody can hear shit, i've heard of other people that have no issue with fatbtc

  5. mighty

    Your volume is too LOW !!!!!!!!! Can't hear a thing you say !

  6. Old Bitvango

    I sent all my TBAR over to them a few days ago, now TBAR dropped to nearly zero and their site is offline! WTF? Crooks!! Scam!!!

  7. Austin A.

    Dammmmmn i got $300 stuck there and i prefer not to give them my id…anyway around to get my money off?

  8. Anarkist2k8

    In addition to this, they seem to have mandatory verification to withdraw ANYTHING. Like you can deposit with no verification, but as soon as you want to get your money off they make you go through an arduous verification procedure. I don't want some random Chinese exchange having my passport or driver's license details. Wtf.

  9. David Armstrong

    This platform is a complete scam. They openly will accept your money but then will completely prevent you from withdrawing it. Please spread the word (fast).

  10. David Armstrong

    FATBTC is a fraud designed to take your money….They will use every trick in the book to block your transactions and prevent you from removing your money. Do not say you were not warned………

  11. البرنس مانو

    sir please help me how can i create pin code

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