beginners guide: trading candlestick charts on poloniex

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Published on January 12, 2020

This is a beginner’s tutorial. If you are wondering how to read the candlestick charts on Poloniex, I hope this will help you.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions. Thanks, Paul Hardingham.


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  1. Prasidda Khadka

    Hi Paul, can you please explain what those grey columns are under the candlesticks?

  2. Karel Selucký

    For me, as a beginner, delivered this video the best informations from all I found since few days. Thank you. Paul

  3. tim ash

    Thank you so much!

  4. Adrian Bell

    Paul – just discovered you. Clear, concise and yet comprehensive. Really useful.

  5. kabou1000

    Away from its very useful and informative, the best part of it is the way of delivering the msg, not noisy, not lazy, active voice and way of explanation, keep doing more videos, you are doing great

  6. cerenelite

    Very useful video. Thanks for your efforts.

  7. chang chee vui

    Hello Paul, poloniex is scam now? Please confirm, you may not able to withdraw anymore.

  8. pratheesh b

    super useful…

  9. The Orphans

    Thanks Paul. I'm just starting out with some crypto trading and your videos are very clear and insightful. I appreciate the time, effort and the sharing.

  10. Alpaslan Arslan


  11. Gyan Prakash

    nice work mr paul

  12. mindjonk

    simple and understandable!! awesome!

  13. Alex Henery


  14. Jack Sussmilch

    thanks paul

  15. Si D

    thank you for creating this. Very useful.

  16. Paul Hardingham

    If you want a video on how to read the "depth of market" charts – I've recorded one here:

  17. Majid Hussain Qureshi

    Please also make a video on Market depth. How to read it

  18. Majid Hussain Qureshi

    Awesome Video

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