3 Dangerous Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Cryptocurrencies

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Published on December 25, 2019


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  1. Anthony Jones

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  2. lightwaters

    A friend of mine has lost 3 words of a 24 words for ledger nano..do you know someone who can use Brute force ?

  3. Oliver

    Change the name of this channel to "Crypto Thot"

  4. adrub

    Don’t forget that if you have multiple backups that you store in different places,… They are like a treasure map for somebody to find in the future.

  5. jojo padlan

    Thanks Heidi. Cheers !!!

  6. Chris Yelley

    How can you back-up a hardware wallet such as Trezor?

  7. BlueNeptune84

    Thank you for the tips!

  8. Tachyon Drive-by Shooting

    If you lose your Keys just ask my wife. She reckons she knows everything.

  9. Sean Zaman

    Great advice as always. Question though, I have a Ledger Blue hardware wallet, how do I know what my private and public keys are? I know there's as address generated every time I send to the wallet, but its different each time. Thanks for any feedback

  10. Noure Takafi


  11. Ján Omasta

    backup your backups of your backups of your backedup backups 😀

  12. Jason Prest

    backup, backup, backup, backup…..thanks. great advice once again…. Reminder for us all not to get too lax with our security. Great timely reminder.

  13. bluenetmarketing

    How many bitcoin are still unmined? Need to document in your description with each video. A countdown. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

  14. Joe Schebler

    What back up are you repeating about please?

  15. XRP Smith

    Thank you Heidi for your helpful videos. Question: I want to transfer cryptos from Coinbase to 2 different Ledger Nano S devices. Coinbase won’t recognize the second address. I even tried to send cryptos from my first Ledger Nano S to the second but it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  16. Rusty Bike

    Your coins should be on a exchange with a 3% stop loss, this is the only way to keep theyr value safe.

  17. AlfredoSilverfx

    great video Heidi! thx!

  18. krik newe

    Essential Video!

  19. Adverse Catalyst

    A woman after my own heart.very nice vid.Surprisingly this aspect was the very first one I made sure of.I'm very glad u are saying these things because even as a noob i did exactly what u are saying.Seems as though i'm not as dumb as i thought.Great advice,thank you very much.Very useful 🙂

  20. Seaweed Deewaes

    Looking good gal!

  21. Peter Petrov

    Also always assume that your smart phone, smart TV, Alexa and computer camera are watching and listening. They shouldn't be anywhere near the 12 or 24 seed. Not using bank safety deposit box is probably a good idea. Nobody ever plans on ending up deported, abducted, or in hospital or jail, but I guess crazier things have happened. Kim dotcom has stories to tell on the subject. The fn bank may just say "we don't do business with felons or illegals, but do not despair, we can cover the cost of the paper the seed is written on. lol Yes these people can steal so many ways.

  22. Ixy iGreki

    please use timestamps

  23. alan wills

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  24. Victor T

    Can you do a video covering how you can grow your crypto hodlings without exposure to 3rd party risk?

  25. QATest4fun

    Mt Gox has mine…hope they're safe…

  26. FooledbyRandomness2

    Can i tattoo my private keys ?

  27. El Villa

    Fantastic topic. I request to go deeper: ledger is with me all the time..get in a car accident; then what? apt in a hurraciane phone and leaving in an island not safe from tsunami – Real life safety issue with my crypto – any ideas are welcome- thanks

  28. Lasse Ehlers

    This is your best video till date, a good reminder of what I already knew, usefull to remember and rethink security.

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