Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?

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Published on July 7, 2017

Bitcoin explained from the viewpoint of inventing your own cryptocurrency.

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  1. Highly recommended Webpage

    You make clearer points than most…

  2. Antonio

    Niobio Cash (NBR)
    is a Brazilian digital currency, see in this video the president-elect bolsonaro talking about niobium, enjoy and acquire this promising currency

  3. J.R. Vasquez

    As usual, excellence. Thank you 3B1B!

  4. Bismuth LD

    Basically, figure out how to reverse enginere SHA256 and you own the world. You could set up a computer to reverse enginere the hash function, then win the bitcoin lottery every single time.

  5. jeff mcdonald

    Great job. I'd love to see you go over Proof-of-Stake at some point.

  6. Nikishiva Kumar


  7. Vishal Lavania

    10 years, phew!

  8. Kadri Vatman

    Thanks for the great video! Concerning the Proof of Work, what defines the number of zeros at the beginning of the hash? Thanks!

  9. Bryan Bowen

    A quantum computer could easily reverse engineer this system.

  10. NT NT

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  12. Анна Поленова

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  13. Antony Jr.

    What happens if all the miners get together and plan to help a single account to get all the money (for them to share it later) , All they need to do is to create new block chain entries which can be done in a day with that much computational power(I mean all the miners in the world combined) , Lets assume even the new miners agree to this since they get a share of the sum , Will it not make the system break ? I'm just curious…. I think that won't happen in a life time right ? or What if we stopped paying miners , and they turn on us(And eventually destroy all true data , and by the protocol , it will only choose the fraudulent branch because its the largest) ?

  14. Jae Pil Choi

    It is a miracle that I can watch this free. No way I could have known any knowledge at this level without actually paying someone more than $10. The value you're creating is in-valuable.

  15. Erwinson Pagtalunan

    This is an amazing video. I actually learned many things. Thank you for making videos like this!

  16. Bharat Mallapur

    Mind blowing.. Superb explanation and to top it all, the sponsor is Protocol Labs which makes really awesome open-source software… What's not to LOVE about this video?

  17. School Bus

    Thank you for this video, I got one question though. What happens to the transactions/blocks that are in a faulty or short chain? Are these considered as false and should be redone?

  18. Shreyas Mahajan

    recently there has been a hackers attack on cryptocurrencies and 571M USD were stolen… can you explain how they managed to do so when blockchains are so secure & distributed?

  19. Okabe Rintarou

    5:42 are you talking about RSA encryption?It sure resembles me of it.

  20. Nathaniel Gentile

    Will we see a similar video on proof of stake?

  21. smile444

    it is possible for someone to get 50% or more of the rpocessing power and start messing with the ledgers ?

  22. Amir Barouh

    charlie made 674 accounts to dislike this video.

  23. Setanjan Roy

    While I am still not fully clear on how it all works this video certainly makes it much more clear than all those articles with unnecessarily fancy words but ultimately vague actual content that does not explain blockchain at all.

  24. Luca Giovanni


    I need to make a presentation to introduce cryptocurrencies to some high-school students and I was wondering if it would be a problem if I explained it using your same train of thought. I'm creating my own graphics and will obviously give credit to you but I was wondering if it'd be a problem if I used your same approach for the explanation.


  25. Gabriel Esposito

    Is the previous hash used with the message and proof of work to get the new hash?

  26. 大雄ML Liu


  27. Prayag Lehana

    Please sir explain ethereum blockchain ! I know you are the only one who can explain it clearly

  28. Intellectual Ketchup

    The little pie guys made the video!

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  30. Juan Mora Chavez

    Please do part 2

  31. Arek Krolak

    technically there is no such thing as "Alice owes Bob" in blockchain 🙂

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