3 Things You Should Never Do on a Crypto Exchange

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Published on December 25, 2019


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More on swing and day trading: beincrypto.com/cryptocurrency-trading-strategies-beginners/

Crypto Glossary: blog.sfox.com/how-to-trade-cryptocurrency-a-glossary-of-terms-459aec6cfd3


  1. rob andone

    Hodling is for suckers. Swing trading is for fools. Day trading is for morons. We can’t win with this crypto game!! Best bet is dollar cost averaging and selling when you hit 35-45% profit.

  2. zaf ali

    U r beautiful

  3. terry sine

    Good stuff. Dont recall any mention of enabling 2fa for security.

  4. Alex Lopez

    Thank you for the valued added content with a smile!

  5. Enlightened RV


  6. Michael AvMen

    Is Slushpool Mining a scam? Where they guarantee 10% daily returns ?!

  7. Larry Bulthouse


  8. Vijay Varade

    You have made very good suggestions . Only thing I would add most of us here would not be able to do any amount of research that would make us better investors. Most people will come up with subjective opinion and sky high price expectation . It is impossible to predict prices and timing . In my experience trading is very individual thing and One must developed proven strategy for One's trading style in terms of probability by using technical analysis . In this business we can not control the price but we can certainly control losses . Managing your losses is very important for the health of financial success . It takes about 6-12 month to develop swing trading strategy but one need to take about 100 trades based on objective methodology in paper trading account which would tell you probability of successful trades . Day trading strategy could be proven in a month of time because multiple trades can be taken during day . Without any strategy ,it would be impossible to make money over time .

  9. Khairi Yusoff

    I give you a like!

  10. Konstantin Gabev

    What a charming smile!

  11. Ian Tindale

    Crypto investing is not hugely different to betting on the gee-gees

  12. Imagining Tech

    Great tips! One other good tip don’t overly invest in coins with high staking rewards if something sounds too good to be true it might be unsustainable.

  13. Christo Honiball

    Don’t put your money on CoinFalcon exchange they litterly stole my entire investment then when I questioned them on where my money was they started wiping out my transaction history in front of my eyes. I have the history in my wallet from where I bought my coins from. Warning people as I would hate to see others money also get stolen from lying thieving thugs.

  14. Nomad

    Coinsbit is airdropping 2000 CNB to new users for sign up on their platform. Also earn more tokens by inviting friends. REG: @t

  15. Bob and Hazel Keroack

    I'm an American expat living and working in Mongolia, have been for twenty years, just starting out in crypto, can you suggest an exchange or exchanges that I might use safely if I purchase from my Mongolian bank account (swift linked) by cc or wire?

  16. betzstump

    I have been doing cost averaging with regular purchases since Coinstar started selling BTC via Coinme, starting in February this year. However, I racked up a large credit card bill a couple months ago (Had to do some major purchases and major car repairs) and have ceased cost averaging until I pay my credit card bill off, as those fees for not paying off the month are not cheap and it's best to not have credit card debt. So once my card is paid off, I'll be going back to cost averaging again, as my priory to is pay off my credit card first and foremost.

  17. Bittruth-bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and news

    these whatsapp scammers are commenting more than legit people at this point on my channel. Someone ban them lol

  18. R Coyote

    I use to design day trading software…I've seen some crazy stuff! There is a time to trade and a time not to. Crypto is a different beast. If you are attached to your money and can't afford to loose your money…do NOT day trade!

  19. Gaël des Montagnes Noires

    Girl… I approve 100%
    Good jobing!

  20. me- tarzan

    Love Crypto Tips

  21. mohammeds fawaz

    you are right my dear , i think holding is good for people who fear from losing they can buy on the dib of bear market and sell on the bull market in the price he found it fair but dont be gready or u will lose and wait thenext bear market about one to 2 years , for me i am a day trader and swing but in the day only – i like it cause i take 2% or 1% a day loser or winner then i not lose alot or win alot but win is help in living realy – if u put 1000$ you will take profit a day 10 to 20 dolars is not bad and if u lose u lose 10 to 20 dollars not bad too – in final i like your channel and your tips is helpful for new traders to not loses – thnak you

  22. Roberto Moraes

    You earned a new subscriber!

  23. summerlink

    day trader here. Heidi, can I have your phone number ? (No relationship/causation between the 2 prior statements 🙂 )

  24. Liquid Mix

    You are gorgeous ty for the tips!

  25. saintron60

    My two cents. Sound advice Lady. For new comers. Buy BITCOIN!! You don't need a lot. Then forget you own it until the first week in December. If the price is up. Sell enough to get back what original investment was. Get on with your life until the following first week of December. Repeat the process. Or you could watch it everyday until Chinese new year. The Asians tend to sell off around a week to ten days before that holiday so they have money to give to their families. Just sayin… Peace to all.

  26. Exciting World Cryptos

    for all. key factor is patience and research. thanks for sharing

  27. DD

    Been day trading for a while. Arm yourselves with antiacids boys if you wanna do that 🙂

  28. DD

    Swing trader here, buy high sell low. You can copy me if you want to. XD

  29. The Blocknet

    Basic Tips
    Tip 1 (1:07) – Have an investment plan (hold, cost average, swing trading, day trading, etc)
    Tip 2 (5:20) – Don't trade emotionally (educate yourself, don't invest more than you can afford to lose)
    Tip 3 (7:41) – Hedge your bet (mitigate risks, diversify to an extent, don't go all in on a single investment)

    Technical tips
    Tip 1 (8:55) – Never market order a low cap coin (don't fomo/chase the trend, high volatility)
    Tip 2 (10:26) – Use a stop loss (prices are very volatile)
    Tip 3 (11:14) – Don't enter a position you can't exit (low liquidity)

    Pro Tip
    Use a decentralized exchange like Block DX (be your own exchange, be in full control of your own funds)


    Amazing video, thank you so much!!!

  31. Rahul Katoch

    Great video

  32. odesk rasel


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