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Published on April 24, 2018
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Welcome to this sponsored interview with BotChain! BotChain brings the ecosystem of AI and RPA developers together to provide a more transparent, trustworthy offering to enterprises and end users. We will discuss their project, team, idea and challenges.

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  1. Mark S

    Worst interview ever…. If you want control Robots then use certificates… Everything is not done or serveral years.

  2. Bots need to learn morals and not to be built as malicious agents, to build trust and building a core codebase built on the blockchain is a good way forward

  3. places like what? speak sense. Brainwashed americans

  4. Autonomous Bot is a little more friendly term than Artificial Intelligence. Identifying the source of the Bot is a make or break component to the bot's useability and effectiveness. Nobody will use it if they don't trust it. BotChain has a good use case.

  5. I think INVACIO is more advanced and ready to move to the market with 11 project and government deals. Hope you don't lose too much on this one!

  6. As always we don't pin them down on "whats in it for us"… You asked how "THEY' will make money and not how "WE" will make money. (1) They (and Private investors) get to convert Tokens into Equity… but we don't. (2) They make profit from the associated Enterprise services… but we don't. (3) They make profit by selling dumb shmucks like us a bag of utility Tokens…

  7. Why are you never talk about Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? Its the most useful crypto!!

  8. Does Ivan just do sponsored interviews every day now and rake in the $$$?

  9. Rob strikes me as way more professional than many of the other guys you have interviewed who have a startup they want to push. This sounds very interesting.

  10. Likes smashed! I see SingularityNET as a much more interesting take on AI, with the single purpose AI Agents and the ability to subcontract other AI agents for different tasks… sounds more plausible and easier to implement. But what do I know?

  11. Ivan. You and your environment is always so much sophisticated 🙂 Programmer and sophisticated 😐 I am just a frontend developer and I am a mess. I smoke dunhill and I take a lot of coffee and tea and my environment is always a mess. 🙂 For sure you are a good inspiration. Thumbs up.

  12. Hmm does not seem really transparent. second private sale? Do not know how the token distribution will be? I would definitely be skeptical

  13. myetherwallet got haaacked


  15. Thanks for disclosing that this is paid content.

  16. there's unconfirmed news about etherwallet being hacked. be careful guys and check out the news …

  17. eambob

    Neurochain will minimum 100X

  18. Chasar

    Why wouldnt he use IOTA?? IOTA already doing this but I will probably invest in these if I have cash available at the time. Iota currency and chips and they can build the ecosystem.

  19. mr lex

    great review as usual

  20. Ivan, for the mic – you need a shure SM7B for your good morning crypto show. possibly a cloud lifter for it. it is THE mic for what you are doing. hands down.

  21. INVACIO – this is my top ICO pick of 2018 and the most promising AI project I have come across. Any thoughts on Invacio, Ivan?

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