Algorand Explained – PPoS Algorithm, Unforkable and Fast blockchain

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Published on July 3, 2019
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Let’s discuss the Algorand project, what they are trying to achieve and how they are planning to do it. We discuss their pure proof of stake consensus algorithm, why they think it’s better and why they are unforkable – things such as orphan blocks simply do not occur on Algorand.


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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. T M

    Supply is 25 mill now at price is at 1.2$. I can't understand how the price can appreciate when the supply is going to be 10 billion after 5 years. Please can somebody explain.

  2. The supply is too big , and the price is very expensive, the token will not perform well.

  3. Borderless? Every token is Borderless. Binance will punish this token for no IEO. The People who paid $2.40 for this new coin with ZERO history of success will get killed. How can you just invent a coin out of the blue and say it is worth double a US Dollar? This is printing money like the FED using blockchain instead of paper. This will have 10 Billion tokens so WAY OVER PRICED. They want to auction the coins to get all the money to the MIT staff retirement plans. They think since PHDs are working on it that its worth money. BTC started under a penny. No crypto deserves to start over $2.

  4. There is not love for the price regardless of history. But thanks!

  5. Silvio is Satoshi Nakamoto

  6. lol 30x from private sale

  7. How can you build a open community when their first sale was Private, not open to public? Now that their inital auction and private sale have given investors 48X investment they want to get retail investors to legit a 3USD price(?) Their current coin mkt cap is 3.5 million with a whooping max cap of 2.5Billion???

  8. Ivan, you said that with their PPoS they can do may things…but didn't explain HOW their protocol solves those problems.

  9. I started in crypto with 6 grand and grew my portfolio to $50,000 and this is a major achievement because 6k to 50k is a lot of money for someone who had next to nothing. Mateo Alejandro helped me with achieve this because i use his trade patterns as well as signals to trade. A note of caution, it starts with developing a strategy and sticking to it even when the temptation to deviate crops up and Mateo also helped me do this. I think its due time we give accolades to those to whim it is due in the crypto space and Mr Mateo is one of such few persons. I advise all especially those who are not doing very profitably to find a successful guide like him and seek assistance. If Mateo is the man for you too, he can be reached by mail [email protected] and i am certain he will be happy and please tell him a grateful client of his made

  10. You can not become another gold. Only buy bitcoin.

  11. The Algo- part I get, but why -rand? Is it South African?

  12. Trader

    I am sick of early bitcoin holders claiming that bitcoin is the most decentralized cryptocurrency. First of all most of them are miners, so of course, they want to keep that their business going. The second point is that although "ICOs" have founder tokens, what is the difference between early bitcoin investors and foundation tokens? Nothing… Algorand is MUCH better tech than bitcoin.

    Lightening network is an altcoin, its a bunch of miners and early Bitcoin holders trying to control the rails. Now the bitcoin cartel has created a new way to sell bitcoin, now its a store of value rather than a peer to peer currency. Algorand will surpass bitcoin, no real business can operate with such volatility in BTC, it just won't happen.

    wake up

  13. Decred has been unforkable with their hybrid PoW/PoS, and they never ICO'd like Algorand is doing. Decred not only has incredible OG bitcoin devs but they are incentivized correctly because they did a fair launch.

  14. Please can someone tell me how many tokens Algorand will mint? I looked for it on the website but can't find it.

  15. Algorand is not open source. Unforkable means dictatorship. No thanks. In Cardano PoS you don't need to lock up any stake

  16. Thank you for your time and reporting

  17. I think it's difficult to do better than Bitcoin in terms of freedom and decentralization…

  18. PoW is like to set all my clothes on fire because I am cold. It will for sure heat me BUT this is not smart and sustainable. Other algorithms are needed urgently!

  19. Algorand seems to be interesting. Also auctions will not create as much fomo, which is good. It's kinda like EOS, since they were around 0,5-2$ the whole year, until it ended. Let's see what happens to Algorand.

    Btw(1):You didn't really explain PPoS, you just said that it is better, or did I miss it?

    Btw(2):Additionally something regarding the prevention of partitions.. Imagine there is trade war or what ever going on and China just says ok, you do this (XY w/e), we cut our connection to the Algorand Network, so you can't use it anymore because it has to wait for us. I see an issue there or did I miss something there as well?

  20. G N

    Pausing the network when / if a region goes offline is not a feature. Imagine what happens when china issues a ban…

  21. Silvio was my teacher at MIT. He went over Algorand in a lecture. Very smart man.

  22. Sounds promising! Well explained for us semi- dummies! Thank you.

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