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Home Media A AUDITOR: QUADRIGA EXIT SCAM CONFIRMED? Programmer explains.
Published on March 7, 2019
BitBay - Exchange Digital Currencies

QuadrigaCX story is getting stranger and shadier. E&Y – the firm that is auditing the exchange, is reporting that the cold storage wallets of Quadriga were empty for months. Let’s follow the tracks and see what actually happened.


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  1. Yes look at Hex it looks like a good idea and its free

  2. 18Svea

    And you want to tell me that Poloniex Kraken and Bitmex don’t know more?!? With all that KYC?!

    You warn about trusting and in the next sentence you say look DX Exchange, “they offer ETFs now… you just have to trust them” -_- really?!!

  3. Can you please talk less and say more Ivan? I have issues watching your minutes of intro and you give me the impression that I'm watching TV. Too noisy empty news.

  4. What is the best decentralized exchange? Hack after hack at the centralized exchange.

  5. jabb50

    Damn, i will miss joe rogan…

  6. I have smashed the likes.

  7. I trust myself and CZ from binance since I whatched him here in your channel

  8. Surname is spelt wrong on death Cert from dodgy corrupt country …. hmmm cant be a scam …

  9. H. B.

    Ivan what do you think about Invacio's tech? (INV)

  10. Finally the report on Grendel cotton. Cryptocurrency- created by hackers for hackers, cryptocurrency exchanges they are hackers ATM. Not only that all cold wallets have malware haha.

  11. – i am very disapointed in sweden , abandoning cash is abondoning freedom , you can have all your cards and payment systems but it should be a law that everbody must still accept cash if someone want to pay in cash

  12. Thanks You Ivan. Your Toshi Times article covered this material very well. I appreciate you taking the time to publish.

  13. Why does hair grow on my ass?

    programmer explains

  14. MDemZ

    Those exchanges will get shut down or exit themselves anyway. If the dont offer KYC/AML or accept US residents without cftc license consider them scams. In an unregulated market they must ATLEAST make an appearance of being compliant.

  15. The current state of crypto markets is sad. There is so much scam, greed, manipulation….. you name it. Never trust anyone and hold your crypto with you own private keys. Most importantly, never ever put all your savings into "one basket" – no matter how attractive it might look! I hope they find those swindlers and bring them justice. Even better if funds are recovered and returned to the investors (not likely). Time will tell. Great show Ivan

  16. Hey, after watching this video & listening to the entire story as Ivan goes over it. There is also another Canadian exchange that has holds on a depositors funds. Fiat or Crypto. Coinsquare. I stopped dealing with them because of their really weird holding policy of my funds. It was just nickles & dimes. HOWEVER!! Not matter. Where there is smoke We generally find fire.

  17. Confirmed – we are all waiting for greater fools to dump our bags on.

  18. Thanks for all the great content Ivan! Keep up the good work!

  19. Don't trust exchanges…but invest in third hand products on exchanges?

  20. I can only hope I will get my LTC back from Quadrigacx. What a shit show. My best hope is they find most of it and sell the exchange to replace what is missing. This will really hurt crypto growth in the Western World if it is not resolved.

  21. Good God! The beginning is getting as bad as the crypto crows start everytime! Change your intro please!!!

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