BITCOIN $15,000 IN LEBANON!! Hyperinflation, Bitcoin Safe Haven – Programmer explains

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Published on April 25, 2020



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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


  1. Truth Monster

    this guy is ridiculous

  2. Living The Bucket List

    Last time I looked Jackson Palmer had pulled all of his crypto related content down. He went tech/hardware

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  4. Yousef Nasir


  5. St3v3nification

    Figuring out money means it’s creation is decentralized to many but not universal to all (it should be a verifiably earned privilege that anyone can earn by meeting trust community conditions), algorithmically regulated (as little human element as possible), physical or digital form (so it’s spendable but can be held off line), has currency (it’s worthless if it doesn’t circulate as money).

  6. St3v3nification

    Love the Swedish accent.

  7. brady nields

    47:38 Got sucker punched in the face a while back and that was enough to wake me up…

  8. Caroline peter

    I trade with broker,I have not observed problems with conclusions or conducting trading operations.everything suits me

  9. Charbel Ghassan

    Bitcoin is at market price in lebanon not 15,000$

  10. Bernard Macarius

    Appreciate another fine information packed video. You spending your time saving me mine is invaluable. I would be more than interested in joining a membership in which you automatically get a specified monthly amount from one of my accounts. Even if it were a few dollars, Bitcoin would be much easier for me and probably help you with budgeting in the long run. P.S Sorry we do not always share the same opinion but that is individuality at work.

  11. Neville Robertson

    If Kim has passed away are the Specialist Chinese team going over to freeze him and bring him back to life in China?

  12. John Blatner

    But is Lebenon a safe haven from the US?

  13. Adam Choleva

    Just will second what other people have said, your english is actually so articulated that youtubes auto translation get’s it pitch perfect. So you have a dialect, but trust me your command of English and your active vocabulary is beyond 95 % + of that of native english speaking people. Point being, your English is perfect. Love your content btw, have visited your own site and there is certainly loads of interesting content. As always, yours Adam from Copenhagen

  14. Cyprian C.j

    You shouldn't be ashamed of how you speak
    We all understand you perfectly ..

    So here is the thing having bitcoins is one thing but increasing the value of your bitcoins is another thing …
    So I have come with good tidings..
    If you have been looking to boost the number or value of your bitcoins then look no more

  15. Secureteam 12

    And where live guys (in ivans voice)

  16. Clara Magarida

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  17. Ashley-Daniel Mackle

    I'm happy to not watch live, I usually get up around 11am heh 😀
    Great vid yet again!

  18. Francisco Frias

    No milk no sugar is key

  19. dchamp37

    May will be very epic in crypto history ,especially for bitcoin , F.O.M.O (Fear of missing Out) will trigger the bull run, hopefully we will have a new set ATH(all time highs) above $2O,OOO this year, what a time to be alive and selling 1 BTC for over $2O,OOO U.S. So, everybody should buy more and join the train before its goes to the Moon as Predicted, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with BENJAMIN JACKSON’s strategy, I made a return on investment of more than 25O% in my first month since I got in touch with him, I haven't seen strategies as specific as his! Get familiar with him through His TeIegram- ( BenjaminJackson ) or MaiI [email protected] Gmail Com Thank me later

  20. karan rai

    this is a much improved video Man U spoke some good info…thnx and keep it up !

  21. Oussama Hamdach

    3900 LBP for $1 today

  22. Nitzan Katzir

    If you are going to stake ETH – will you have to keep your computer running all the time?

  23. RawStarMon

    Really gonna ignore DIGIBYTE???

  24. Hieronymus NOYB

    What’s the important of watching you live ? You barely interact.

  25. Ryan Butler

    Don't be silly, Ivan. The protests stopped the moment the news cycle ended. In fact, nothing si really happening anywhere unless you are hearing about it. …..;)

  26. Ryan Butler

    I bet you are still watching dollar vigilante, Ivan. I wish you would do a collaboration with Jeff Berwick. Sometimes, he doesn't express himself in a completely rational way, but he has great instincts and is generally on the right track. I love that guy. It could be funny at the very least.

  27. Kyle Tompkins

    Your English is much better than most of my peers in America. Sometimes you are a little off, but most times, you actually pronounce many things much better than the layman American.

  28. Eve Hennessa

    'Smashing the Likes' from DC. Thanks for the SmartSession info! I would like to know more. I do DAILY Wim Hof breathing, 8 Minute Abs, Arms, Legs on ZoOm if ya wanta workout 30 minutes w/me for $1. But u can come free… Also, I want to move to Sweeden or somewhere more relaxed. I look out my window to see Military National Guarde in the park 🙁 You can only walk or run, but not stay in one place :(.

  29. Fabio Milan

    56 hyperinflation events… and I lived through at lease one of those. I'm Brazilian and I've seen currency devaluation cut three zeros twice, six zeros in total. There was no crypto at the time, all we could do was to buy dollars as soon as we had out money.

  30. Arturo Cuevas

    never miss you here in Puerto Rico, always great information

  31. Curtis Womack

    We’re not going anywhere with this kind of volume.

  32. joel treliving

    Ivan, FYI, I have began to consume less of your content because of the over hyped news and constant focus on price movement. In Lebanon , bitcoin is being traded for a 5% premium.

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