BITCOIN $20K IMMINENT?! Fastest Bull Market in History… $LINK Coinbase, Sybil vs Eclipse Attack

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Published on July 7, 2019
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BITCOIN $20K IMMINENT?! 🎯 Fastest Bull Market in History… Sybil vs Eclipse Attack

Good Morning Crypto
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  1. In 2009, the first Bitcoin units were mined on computers.

    10 years later, 2019, the first Pi units are being mined on phones.

    50,000 active users already within 12 weeks.

    1st halving was at 1,000, 2nd halving was at 10,000, 3rd halving in a few days at 100,000

    App Store and Play Store ‘Pi network’

    Referral code: palaspas

    Project created by people at Stanford, 100% free, currently in beta stages

  2. lol…what an idiot. $20k LMFAO!!!

  3. Hey Ivan, had not stopped by in a while. Thanks for keeping up the good work and continuing to entertain and educate us. I raise my coffee mug to you! I've tried to talk crypto with a few people since I started looking into them and toyed a little bit with them to find out how some of it works, and learn a bit about what it is about, but not one person responded with enthusiasm. The most positive response I got, a few years ago, was that he had already missed out on BTC and that he was too late.

    Blockchain technology itself can likely also be used to make the economy more circular (including nutrients in agriculture), in combination with IoT, and that interests me. I think I heard that there is also already one application to do with lungs (prediction of content of water and certain compounds).

    Btw, sounds like Sybil is not pronounced the way you think it is. I became pretty sure of it after you explained that Sybil is about one person appearing to be many people, as it likely refers to Sybil Dorsett and dissociative identity disorder.

    I hold two alt coins, only a teeny tiny bit of each (ADA and CRPT).

  4. alts are Not crypto because they're centralized and incentive to cheat users

  5. Can anyone in the Ivan On Tech community help me? My MEW got hacked and I'm desperate. Someone please help me! I'll be ever so grateful.

  6. Hello Ivan! Please take a look on what's hapening with this prodigy trader youtuber Crypto Face. People in our community are buying Tesla Cars. Cryptocrow is now using his custom made indicator Market Cipher. Great content for your show, big oportunity for your audience.

  7. Hi Ivan, could you please ask Crypto Face to be on your stream? He's got an awesome indicator, you might wanna see, it's called the Market Cypher and the thing is spot on! He also has a program going on right now where he wants to help disabled people to get the Market Cypher so they can make a little money on crypto to better there lives. The reason I'm asking this, is because he promised the one that could help him be on your stream will get a 1000 dollar reward and I would like to win that so I can donate that to his disabled people program. Would be very much appreciated if you would reach out to him and mention my name 🙂

  8. I'm wondering does all you free webinar offer the same discount? The webinar make it sound so exclusive and a great discount but then everybody can get it at this price if you do the webinar almost every month. I personaly cracked my piggy bank to get the course because i feared miss on the deal when i wasnt even ready to take the course.
    Starting to feel a bit hustled tbh. Sorry if I missed the point there but i share my feeling on the matter.

  9. I desperately need to find time to catch up with academy! So much new content :O

  10. Ivanakamoto The Crypto bull of wall street

  11. So engaging! You're a humble guy. Thanks for your advice… I need to check out coins that are going to beat the index. But…Honestly been so busy. I traded back in 2017 and lost a lot of times. I think I'm more of an investor nowadays (re: reason #1) I feel better in that spot. I like that you share your reason to skip hodl mentality.. I think deep down you're truly "in it for the money" so set price goals and targets so when you enter you have a stronger position. I have a few targets for bitcoin. I don't want to cost average but the price keeps going up… Its has been two months now and I was fortunate to encounter Mr. Ramirez Benson on Email, ([email protected]), a trade expert who showed me how to invest in bitcoins and make daily profits from 2 BTC to 10 BTC in just two weeks, I think I may have to break down and buy some more coins since the trend is ..

  12. lol u r emotianal Ivan look 10 700

  13. Didn’t know bitconnect was active threat, just thought it was a failure but a funny meme. So now bitconnect 2? Wow. That’s like Bernie Madoff coming back

  14. not burocrat's … correction….parasites !!!!!!

  15. People thanking Ivan for making them financially independent and then only donating $2

  16. Guy understands programming. Knows nothing about fake manipulated crypto trading.

  17. Ivan interrupting his thought to thank someone for donating 1 whole dollar…

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