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Published on April 30, 2019
BitBay - Exchange Digital Currencies

It is now possible to buy anything on Amazon with Lightning Network. Can this start the next bull run? Let’s discuss how this process works and what it means for Bitcoin and crypto as a whole. In connection to this, we’re talking about infrastructure inversion that Andreas Antonopoulos talks a lot about. In other news – American tennis star Serena Williams invests in Coinbase.


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  1. juss

    Hi, Ivan, greetings from Colombia

  2. Moon! Absolutely, I installed as soon as I heard the news 3 days ago. LOL I shop like mad at amazon, target etc. You can be sure that Amazon will be tracking sales from the payment of Moon. This will bring adoption. Certainly wont hurt. Exciting! Adding more BTC and ETH rest of year for xMas shopping at Amazon, Oh Yeah!

  3. Holy** this gonne pump btc to 100.000k

  4. Hi Ivan, one of your guys in the chat (Rolf) asked you a question that sadly you never had time to answer, could you please reply here as I had same query in my mind.

    I quote:
    Rolf Schenk
    ​regarding the domain business: if a domain is backed by a private key, does this not make it non-transferrable? In case I sell my domain the buyer knows that I may have copies of private keys?

  5. When the price of Bitcoin Serge and moon get benefit then only later they will realize to take it directly, btw legal issues may be stopping them to adapt.

  6. C H

    Ivan, is blockchain and bitcoin different?

  7. Horse and car analogy is great! I am going to use it in the future.

  8. Matt M

    AKA, ''The Silly Goose''.

  9. Matt M

    Ivan I would to see you interview a fellow Swede, Greta Thunberg. Please make it happen.

  10. @ivanontech great episode dude! Do you think that the plugin allowing BTC to be used as payment on Amazon is the future or if adoption will come from some other method?

  11. BOOYAH! The truth about LTC .

  12. Moon is a bridge, I’ll take it. Baby steps.

  13. Btc is not anon, use cryptoblenders for you safety. bitcoinblender. pro and helixgrams. com

  14. Did you know that Bitcoin is not really anonymous? Mix your coin for safety. helixgrams. com bitcoinblender .pro

  15. 50 DMA

    Seems like elon musk watched andreas before making his statement about car's without autonomy will be like buying horse

  16. Swedes aren’t turnips, that’s for sure; this is 24 carrot information!

  17. Litecoin good in a high price bull run, will be faster and have much lower tx fees than my beloved Bitcoin

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