BITCOIN DUMP BY KIM JONG-UN!? Massive Stash, Negative Rates

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Published on May 10, 2020



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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


  1. Daniel Cooper

    i clicked on this for kim jong un – put a link to that talk, cuz I don't wanna hear the rest

  2. Midnite Sun

    He might be sleeping on your sofa

  3. Larry Lamb

    I bet Kim got assassinated with US help! Also I predict a BTC big dump in about a week, then I think I will buy. My reasoning is that BTC is recently well correlated to stock market, and stock market is in my view still overpriced and will crash again (as usually happens so they say in depressions after mini bull runs). I am but a little lamb in this world. Lots of love from Lamby.

  4. Bounty Airdrop

    You are an amazing presenter and thank you as always. The volatility nowadays is going crazy and that why I am studying KoinPro smart trade panel.

  5. Mark Berger

    Banking software is called Core Banking companies like Avaloq, Finova, Tata, and IBM are significant in that – but there's so many, so it's hard to keep track. One thing they have in comen is that they all suck badly.

  6. Adam Onesto

    good work Ivan. Look the money series from Mike Moloney or watch ZEITGEIST 2 (Adendum) that is a top documentary that explains the money creation process in detail . Very good info to watch.

  7. Jeffrey Joh

    IBAN is primarily Europe. There are a few African and Middle Eastern countries using it, but its not a global standard.

  8. Jon S

    Have you seen his bitcoin you flute

  9. J Willis

    The notion that the North Korean leader has all his bitcoin in one wallet with one password is silly.

  10. Nug U

    The media ISN'T hard on Trump during the press briefings. They ask very easy and very reasonable questions. You should watch it sometime.

    The reason Trump doesn't want to do press briefings is because he keeps embarrassing himself. 2 days ago he asked the doctor's if you can inject disinfectant to kill the virus. A few weeks ago he was saying Hydroxychloroquine treats the virus, but now we know that it causes irregular heart rate. This is after saying for months that the virus is "just like the flu", "the Democrats new hoax", etc etc.

    Please don't stand up for Trump. We literally lost 60 thousand people because he has an extremely low IQ.

  11. J Willis

    After the Hash Ribbon pops off there is almost always a massive sell-off right ahead of a bull market.

  12. Arabic Courses

    Bernard is another regular!! But not crypto Yoda today.

  13. Samadhi Aquarius

    Coin Market Cap is a scam! Paprika is better

  14. Sung Cha

    Ivan is absolutely correct about the school system failure. In the U.S. people are completely ignorant. 99.95% are ignorant about how banking system works.

  15. Crypto Help 24x7

    good thing

  16. Donald Duck

    $589 XRP will truly be life-changing in the next few years….

  17. RNB NZ

    Thanks for your passionate dedication to the cause Ivan, always a pleasure listening to your show. Cheers !

  18. T

    If Kim Jong Un loses his key, then the North Korean government has done more for me than my own government.

  19. Crypto Dante

    @ivanontech look up Mandela effect. Whole groups off people are convinced of wrong historical data. Much harder than any popular song

  20. spawn90761

    espresso no milk no sugar

  21. lydia yuna

    North Korean people will live a better lives if China takes over N Korea, at least they will have food

  22. Alex Bell

    Crypto yoda is almost as prestigious as Ivan himself!

  23. Nathan Wood

    Please say vegetable again

  24. LAN SKI

    Cardano ADA YES!!!

  25. Super Mirror

    Ivan, why does Crypto. com, refusing to verify users who are immigrants. living in another country ,is already difficult., excluding one from financial platforms is another pain.

  26. aftermath_of_the_storm

    Ivan, the mystery has an easy explanation: central bankers are modern-day slave masters.

  27. JS M

    I laughed so hard!

  28. Prepared Man Boiorix

    Veg-E-ta-ble. 😉

  29. GT MKIV

    Ill take the NOKIA 6160 they said…

  30. Hieronymus NOYB

    Are you walking around the moat?

  31. BOSTON

    Liked it!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  32. Guinto

    higher highs? or lower highs

    HTF still suggests lower highs

  33. Ricky D

    37:37 Ivan talking trash about morning smoothies! LOL

  34. Kyle G

    say bye-bye to the 100 dollar bill

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