Bitcoin FREEFALL?! Congress Libra BAN, CoinJoin, Pensions – Programmer explains

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Published on July 22, 2019
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🛑 Bitcoin FREEFALL?! 🛑 Congress Libra BAN, CoinJoin, Pensions – Programmer explains

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  1. @Ivan on Tech Finally someone on crypto news tells solutions like Coinjoins, which most people don't even think of.

  2. Those elites in american will do anything to keep power. They will start a war it need be. Its a corporate structure, they need to fly a corporate flag. Its all Mcdonalized.

  3. Bastille day and the day the Russian Zars were removed . They will get theirs.

  4. When you wake up to -30% and wish you were down -18% again. lol

  5. Is this guy still chilling the coins he buys and the projects who pays him. Wow I cant believe he still have a face to do this.

  6. Bitcoin… 8k, 6k, 3k, 1k, $200 eventually, I don’t care what else happens in between. The rapid highs and the lows are just a disruption, I have said before, Bitcoin will never see 20k, ever again.

  7. This will be historic. 20 years from now people looking at this stream thinking: Wow, those silly apes listed an entire BTC…at 10,000usd…wow, Ivan so youthful. Normal human biceps, ahaha HAHAahaha, ridiculous proportions, it's even smaller than his house.

  8. ROMEO MUST DIE (Jet Li)… Bitcoin is like Romeo cos of its slowness and will be embanked by new techs like Hashgraph, Tangle, Holochain, plus.

  9. yes ivan you are right on the money when you said " 3:05 "

  10. cant fb launch an USD based stable coin? + 3 billion ppl would buy and use dollars and make america even more powerfull.

  11. If we can't trust Facebook with our personal information, HOW can we trust them with our money? …… can't trust them….. therefore it will most likely flop… Bitcoin will prevail..

  12. You can restrict the 9:00 to 17:00 citizens. Not the cosmopolitan. So for the common person you already was a work slave (work is taxed to much compare to capital, so work won't get you anywhere) but if you can not store you "work money" citizens will be financially prissioned.

  13. If two Bitcoins can potentially have different prices based on their transaction history (one of them being connected to illegal activities, for example) that will mean the death of crypto.

  14. 55mph

    They can't outlaw BTC. Bad news for Libra is good news for Bitcoin. maybe not short term : )

  15. Hi Ivan, big fan and been watching from the early days but I have to remind you there are a lot of very green investors in this space and your constant promotion of leverage platforms is quite concerning especially when you refer to them as 'players'. Please don't sully your channel with promotions for platforms that prey on weak hands and capitalise on others' misfortune.

  16. Mr LOH

    Imagine only caring about fundamentals and missing all the GREAT volatility trading it. BTC has been respecting levels REALLY well, and with proper TA and ACTUAL proper risk-management, you are doing things REALLY wrong if you cannot make nice money playing both longs and shorts in this market. That is, if you use proper levels and price-action, and not RSI, MA's, H&S and all that other retail-crap most people learn "out there".
    It's OK to believe in fundamentals, but look how well fundamentals "worked" in 2018.. Basic simple TA, proper risk (and stoplosses now and then) gave you nice entries in 3k's.. and not bags like so many people are left with…

  17. Are you more interested in earning an income from Google or standing up for your principles? I am gradually switching all my web activities to the Brave Browser, hope all of you have the courage to do the same! I am only hoping that Brave Browser will NOT sell their souls in the future like Google did!

  18. If you are a truly decentralised channel, what are you doing here on YouTube that is directly linked to Google? Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?

  19. USA black coffee with stivia. All these leaders want their cut. The dollar is already manipulated by them for them. I love it" affraid of lybria. What they gonna do arrest all Facebook users. Ha ha ha. We need to rise up and defeat these so called leadeds who are already to powerful manipulating pedophiles.

  20. Hey Ivan looking good, did you lose weight?

  21. Well Gaddafi and Saddam got killed for going against the the Petrodollar and attempting to create a new currency called Gold Dinar…. so this is no child play!!!

  22. I have smashed the likes – Missouri, USA

  23. in our future.. pension does not exist…

  24. Facebook and google were started by cia and darpa front companies, not by visionary entrepreneurs from scratch. Dont get it messed up google and facebook were never independent companies they are a wing of the deepstate and always have been

  25. JZA

    Weren't we going to 14k next? This was just 3 days ago.

  26. Vitalik has always supported BCH to some degree because he knows the history which you seem to be lacking if you question bitcoin being in its name.

  27. Yesterday may have been a false break of support. If not, then yes you're looking at 8,500 BTC , 180 ETH

  28. Lol see The Moon in the chat! Buy the dips.

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