BITCOIN PANIC – $10K NEXT?! July Price Targets, ChainLink ($LINK) Code Review

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Published on July 18, 2019
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BITCOIN CARNAGE – WHEN BULL AGAIN?! 🚨 JPMorgan: Crypto eats our launch



DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. This is just my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We also cover Bitcoin price, altcoin price, investing, analytics, different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  3. Ivan – I have been a lurker in the shadows for too long – love your show – wonder why I can't find one on Blockstack?

  4. You can’t bring that much heavy gold in a controlled descent onto this planet, so it is less likely that that could affect the price of gold on earth than that Bitcoin could hard fork and add more coin supply in the future.

  5. Indications on the charts shows Bitcoin could fall below $10,000 due to the bearish pattern forming although the price retreat most likely won’t happen if the Bitcoin jumps above $12,450 which would open the doors for a retest of the $13,880 high. This means we are at a point where the crypto is set to skyrocket and become even more difficult to buy due to new price highs. It’s time to get a hold of as much Bitcoin as possible and a time to develop a strategy for doing so. I initially held by dollar cost averaging which implies I buy periodically, in little bits but after an online conference, where Gérard Barrientos was talked a lot about, I decided to start trading but only with his guidance by copying his trade signals and strategies. Ever since then, I have been able to grow 2 Bitcoins into 5 by trading them in a simple and safe to use pattern. Buying and holding is good but trading and then reinvesting into your portfolio is even better from my experience trading with Gérard who can be reached by mail [[[email protected]]] for inquiries on how to be a better crypto investor or if you have any cryptocurrency related inquiries

  6. hello i got a question…. if i have gtx 1060… but i live in Lebanon in Asia…. how many days do i need to mine in order to withdraw 5$??? because i need to get an app on play store for 5$ but i don't have a credit card

  7. I'd love to see you do an interview with David Chaum on privacy

  8. C H

    Fiat down = more satoshi

  9. Accumulation time for those in the industry with actual value like Bitcoin, Ethereum and WaBi!

  10. I’m trying to learn this stuff but this vid was really over my head. I’m thinking of joining your class. I hope your intro to crypto is really good bc I’m a 44yr old newbie! Lol

  11. Crypto is not a market, it's a casino. Everyone there is only there looking for easy big profits. Almost anyone is there for real enterpreneurial goals.

  12. Ivan, please don't sell your soul to guys like Algo Coin again. Or at least say you're getting paid to promote them.
    I really love the content and knowledge you're sharing with the community. Hopefully you'll stay an honest man long-term.
    Most people think you're objective and deserve people like you to be. Make a shit load of money on every scam coin you promote, I don't care. BUT BE HONEST ABOUT IT if you're getting paid for promotion!

  13. Mars, Im from Mars and we already use Bitcoin.

  14. Joe Rogan is NOT the most important podcast; Maybe Bill Burr Thursday afternoon, just before Friday, Monday morning, just checking in on yoooooo podcast!

  15. The fact that NASA is going to an asteroid to exploit it's gold should say everything you need to know about the absolute stupidity of humanity. Buy Bitcoin.

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  19. Hi Ivan
    The increase in dificulty and mining hash rate is due to new 7nm tech being adopted, IMO

  20. Ivan, you are watching too much Netflix and hollywood movies dude… there aren't. and never will be, humans on other planets, becaaaaauseeeee: there are no other Planets we can go to. That's the real Hype…lol

  21. Do you still mention the atomic clock thing? I always skip the 1st minute since I cannot stand the predictability of it 😉 Oh and no need to mention how you drink your coffee unless you have some surprising info in that area.

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  23. Thx for the good work Ivan! It is a pleasure to have somebody in the crypto space who shares his professional knowledge and critical opinion without offending anyone!

  24. Those volume graphs in Venezuela and other countries is a scam! Cause they got hyper-inflation! So of course volume goes up! Cause their money less and less worth!
    It's NOT an increase! In fact it actually goes down!
    So either Ivan is ignorant or shilling his BTC.. Take a pick!

  25. So packed full of content, enthusiasm and knowledge. Ivan is the go-to place for crypto news/knowledge (esp @ 1.5x).

  26. Correction. I've been running a Bitcoin (lightning) node on my raspi 3 for months. Check out the raspiblitz project

  27. Pierre

    aliens could mine bitcoin and 51% attack the network :/

  28. I have smashed the likes – Missouri, USA

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