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Published on September 10, 2019


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  1. Oh my God!
    This is such a noob error in web development!!
    How Coinbase could allow such errors??

    They really suck…

  2. Nice presentation Ivan and thank you. I hope they offer a vetting service similar to Sara Hanks Crowdcheck a compliance and diligence platform that services investment crowdfunding platforms. Her company would have been useful during the 2017 ICOs craze. The stealth approach to identity is very important as you are well aware one of the largest data hack of identification happened at Equifax a credit reporting agency. Equifax first disclosed the hack in September 2017, three months after the company discovered the breach. Equifax exposed 150 million Americans' personal data. Now it will pay up to $700 million. Not quite a fair settlement in my opinion. I was very pleased to uncover many projects in blockchain working on this identity security such as SelfKey and numerous other come to mind. I agree, small and medium businesses are the foundation of all countries economies and I personally am against huge corporations as they have total disregard for the employees and cater to the investors on Wall Street. Yes I know you are big on capitalism but people are more important than profit but that is why I failed to grow my business and sold out. I could not compete with heartless corporations. Thanks

  3. I have smashed the likes – Missouri, USA

  4. This is what happens when you don't have Digi ID from Digibyte

  5. Tell the guy that got my password to send it to me because I don’t remember it. LOL

  6. Very informative Ivan You definitely know your stuff……

  7. "Banks have grown skeptical of small and medium sized business". But in reality its the big business that had to get bailed out by the small business workers and entrepreneur tax payers. Hilarious to be honest.

  8. Use yubikey – even if they have your password they won´t be able to log in.

  9. A. JAY

    Why when one buys from Coinbase, the Price is always, always, much higher than what they show, then they add Fees guys? are they skimming or something?

  10. Tokoin is another shitcoin, CEO is shiller, whitepaper didn't explain well about their tech.. avoid it at any cost

  11. trust me, don't buy tokoin. you will regret it.

  12. Yasser

    Coinbase to list Dusk next

  13. Affar

    It's also possible to use get request in a secure way by encrypting url parameters. The minimum they could've done is to use base64. In my opinion, Coinbase developers are simply lazy and incompetent.

  14. All the problem listed in the tokoin whitepaper doesnt need a blockchain. Even you should know that ivan. Stop shilling scam

  15. Im from indonesia, even i know we dont need blockchain for this problems here. Theres tokopedia, or any p2p lending platform that is already solving their problem. i wonder how much did that they pay you to shill their ico project. Your reputation could have do better than this.

  16. How could they make such a rookie mistake…

  17. Nice technical explanation for the masses. Learn, Earn, Don’t Get Burned

  18. So the leaked ones, are just for users that have JS disabled, that's why the number is so low.

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