DOLLAR MELTDOWN!! [GET OUT NOW] Ray Dalio Report, Bitcoin $1M, Coinbase Oracle

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Published on May 13, 2020


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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. Matthew de Klerk

    Hahahaha "straight to jail". On a serious note though Ivan, this is a great video, well done!

  2. Mark Weston

    Thanks for the breakdown

  3. David Wright

    Eventually dollar fall apart or massively devalued, but it will be replaced by a knight in shining armour – Central Bank Digital Currency. Also backed by nothing! I think it will be a while before the dollar tanks(?)

  4. Mareks Niknais

    Ivan on Tech for Prime Minister of Sweden

  5. Nicholas Gardner


  6. Rogério Schneider

    Ivan, Gold was not took by force, but by law.

  7. yoyo 123

    Cash is a scam

  8. Mario Artemis

    Anyone who wants to help londonreal use blockchain technology for their streams you can go to their freedom section on their website and donate. Exciting times up ahead!

  9. kpmoresco

    Ivan your recommendation for materials to teach blockchain class to homeschoolers. Thx

  10. Silver Surfer77

    If the dollar collapses, all fiat crashes, then who cares if Bitcoin is a million dollars, you might be able to get a cheeseburger with it

  11. Blackwingsss

    The ending was awesome! 😀

  12. saintsnick

    What if FED regulates DEFI out of existence, makes it illegal?

  13. Sonny Brisbane

    Ivan, you shouldn't mention 'brain wallets'. I'm not sure if you just mean it as a metaphor, but 'Brain Wallets' were a thing, and they were hacked easily. This isn't the same as a 12/24 nuemonic key of course, but brain wallets died a death.

  14. William Monto

    Dr Evil said it best….$1 million dollars. He would be excited that the dollar is going to fail.

  15. Bell Jenkins

    This is what happens when you think emotionally in this market… even when things are blatantly obvious, you find reasons to fight the current. Now is not the time to short the market with halving being so near; the bulls and the miners won't allow the price to go down below 66OOUSD-68OOUSD and the price will only increase from here until the halving; it could even reach 9OOO-1O,OOOUSD. After the halving is the perfect time for YOU to short the market because there would be a window for a correction and/or crash after the halvings. I've made a lot of mistakes trading by myself till i decided to try the using professional guidance.”Dr.Carlos Pedro” has been my mentor for 3{months now, and from just following his teachings and copying his patterns I have made over 39btc in a short time frame , You can also reach out to him if you lack trading Knowledge. ON whatsaaap— +1 {865}276_6999 ON Telegram>> @Carlos434

  16. Gary Scott

    Dollar meltdown will always happen and as for me I'm increasing by Crypto trading and its been increasing massively with a Good trader

  17. Mr Ghost

    Don't accept the chip or any vaccinations. Look in to it!! it's important that we say no if enough people say no they fail, it's easy, spread the word, educate yourself and others

  18. Sherlock Holmes

    BTC has recovered from Corona already, what about the FIAT ?

  19. Brent Lagerman

    "we went from type 2 to type 3" – sounds like diabetes of the economy

  20. Glen Warnes

    Six minutes in we FINALLY get to some content. Please consider the value of terseness. The value of your content will go up if you deliver more information per minute. Many people have limited time to consume the media they need each day. If content is fluffy and full of spam it's value goes down.

  21. yezcoin admin

    Thank you Ivan. Very informative as always!

  22. JesusChrist5000

    Ivan on Tech -What if they make cryptocurrency illegal? What if they take down all the bitcoin apps and websites? how will people be able to utilize bitcoin even in the blackmarket?

  23. Jack Oliveira

    Bitcoin is the future

  24. jamez

    Love your videos Ivan, can feel the buzz man!!! Whohoooooo

  25. Francisco Frias

    This is key

  26. Yazid Moi

    I have a question Ivan: what if dollar collapse would affect negativily the production of electicity. How would you use bitcoin?
    I would prefer dollar. at least, I will use as toilet paper.

  27. ImpermanentHuman

    I’d be careful quoting Ray Dalio, he was widely quoted in the media as saying ‘cash is trash’ right before one of the biggest liquidity events in our lifetime when the USD was the best asset of all to hold, now there’s been a hopium market bounce, everyone is again calling hyperinflation…right before the next probable leg down in a recession

  28. Ronson Sovereign

    The gold confiscations were actually very poorly enforced in the states, most people kept their gold.

  29. Lila Luke

    Yea, bitcoin to a million dollars and you buy a bread with this amount due to inflation.


    Such a shame, you were such a nice boy.

  31. Neville Carpenter

    Ra oowl

  32. Neville Carpenter

    Ru Paul is a Singer, Drag Artist.

  33. Neville Carpenter

    Brilliant, i love it when you rant….

  34. T Accntb

    BTC is on a ledger. Hypothetically in the future if BTC is banned they will see you have BTC in your wallet and you will be forced to hand it to your nation states Fed. to prevent the collapse of the world's economy. And again what we would see is the people bailing out the banks… We would literally be forced to bail them out or go to jail. And then this is when mixers would come into play.

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