Dr Julian Hosp – Bull Market 2019? Scam Allegations, Blockchain Future and Struggles

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Published on December 19, 2018
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Dr Julian Hosp is back for another interview! Many of you guys watched our chat last year (www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlzrsZedOV8) and since then I’ve received many requests for a follow up interview with Julian.

Julian project TenX has been struggling (as well as any other crypto project) during 2018 and we’re going to discuss how they have been surviving 2018, we will also talk about scam allegations, future of crypto, wether bull market is here soon and other topics as well!

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  1. Check out this fraud's twitter bio:

    "Medical Doctor, Professional Athlete, Polymath, Bestselling Author and TEDx Keynote Speaker"

    Yup he calls himself a polymath lol

  2. Comments in chat are cancer. People need to get a grasp on reality

  3. You know he's a known scammer?!? Crypto would be better off without these crooks giving bad reputation. By inviting them you kind of side with them and make yourself look foolish

  4. @Julian……. Being caught up in a network marketing scam is a HUGE red flag! I believe e in second chances. But I don't think you deserve to hold a high level sr. position. Im glad you learned your lesson but I don't trust you.

  5. Ivan sounds like Borat

  6. what about the money he accepted for shutting his mouth? thats the reason why he doesn't talk in detail what his position was in that MLM scheme. he sounds so innocent.. as if he was only a member on the bottom………………………………………………………………

  7. The killer feature of social media on the blockchain is reward economy and censorship-resistance like on Steemit 🙂

  8. Enjoyable, interesting and even whise in some moments. thx 2 you 2!!

  9. Ivan you are getting a legend. Every day such interesting topics and such famous people interviewed. Keep it up please. We are getting real value out of this.

  10. I used the TenX card at the beginning of this year about 2 times. It worked well and I was impressed, that crypto can be spent that easily in everyday life. Then TenX officially had issues with the card provider. Since then, I am waiting for the new card and I actually lost faith in TenX, and I couldn´t listen to Mr. Hosp anymore although he is rhetorically very talented. I hope TenX will deliver the cards in the first quarter otherwise I will switch to Monaco, Revolut, Wirex etc or some debit card from exchanges. We need less talking and more crypto everyday life solutions, real life products.

  11. Ivan Please help translate icons new yellow paper regarding staking and proof of contribution

  12. Ivan, can you or did you review the Bitfi wallet? I'd love to know if you recommend it over the other wallets for clueless bitcoin purchasers?

  13. why do you invite scammers like hosp and richard heart ? is it just for clicks?

  14. The best thing that happened to me in 2018 was getting the Right Mentorship on trading Bitcoin against Stocks and Forex.The Big part of my story is that I got my lessons from RYANN KIMMICH One of the most Successful Stock Traders in the history of Wall Street, he told me not to be scared, He’s down to earth, I never imagined I will ever get in contact with this Great man since when I got to Watch him on YouTube.He also told me “You don’t need a Very Big Fancy office and many computers before you can start Trading, all you need is your Laptop and Time.” I have been able to survive the Market Crash Through his Skills and Guidance.

  15. "never waste a good recession" quote of the day yeeew 🙂

  16. Stop blaming other people. Investors threw money at anything they could without doing enough researcher understanding properly what they were investing in.

  17. Julian paraphrased Brad Garlinghouse on last night's interview. Regulation will definitely be a key turning point. But who besides Ripple is at the forefront of that race?

  18. Can you make something about Mimblewimble and especially about Beam/grin ? Please/Пожалуйста

  19. Ryan D

    So tired of all the crybabies in this space, and everyone is a scam because they are amateur investors. If you expect to be rich and see a product developed in 6 months then go build it yourself.

  20. The FOMOboat is on da way, don't miss the FOMOboat cause it's riding to the FOMOrocket


    Julian says Tenx relies on Ethereum. It's just an ERC20, they can just move to another platform lol.
    He also talks about the "Ethereum Network effect". I think the Network Effect just gets people into crypto, not necessary only one project like ETH

  22. how can people call Julian a scammer ? he has such a bright mind , straight vision , and his responds are so fast it must come from his heart ! He been a pro athlete , and a doctor. You have to think fast. And trust me , if i am wrong , i am the first one to hunt him down 😉

  23. I have smashed the likes.

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