DRAPER: 1000X MARKET CAP SOON?! Programmer explains

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Published on March 26, 2019
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Let’s talk about the real reason Bitcoin and the blockchain is larger than the Internet. Tim Draper predicts 1000x market cap – let’s talk about the potential we are looking at. We also talk about Facebook Coin and how it’s going to replace the dollar. If Zuck decides to execute that strategy.

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  1. The government will not allow Facebook to carry out such a vision. Facebook does not operate in a vacuum.

  2. Facebook is pure evil. Zuckerberg is the king of the reptilians

  3. Any threat to the financial system will be fought by the government for obvious reasons and the only solution, in my view, is a decentralized network.

    I do not see Facebook as being able to replace the dollar, because what has maintained the supremacy of the dollar is the power and influence of the United States in the rest of the world. Facebook being a centralized company will always be subject to government restrictions and legal impositions.

  4. Think what you want but person who is so much crypto supporting doesn't accept crypto as payment is funny 🙂

  5. If Satoshi didn’t envision micropayments (which we will probably never know) one way to guess what he was thinking would be to give a satoshi a value he may have found reasonable – for example- a penny- And then work backwards to see what he saw as a possible market cap. Total guess of course- but he did choose 8 decimal places for a reason. He seems to have made many of his decisions for very good reasons. & Great channel Ivan!

  6. Good morning guys pump up the like button guys have a great day guys love the show guys

  7. No. Completely Disagree.  Mark Zuckerburg is in the US governments' pocket.  Essentially he's their bitch.   They won't let him do anything to hurt the US dollar.   Also, most people in the US, that are on FB, are too ignorant to suddenly stray away from the US dollar.

  8. R L

    FB Coin will transform the adoption of cryptocurrency sector by failing in case of not respecting privatsphere. So people will learn to adopt the technology but soon change and use bitcoin instead

  9. All the way from the mythical island of Australia

  10. Ivan i am proud of you. About your energy you can spend in educating people. You sound a bit like me 22 years ago explaining the internet to all kinds of industries, banks, media and people couldn't get anything for a long time.

  11. Facebook global currency, Tim Draper crypto market cap 1000x. Ivan you really do disappoint me, you used to be so much better more grounded.

  12. You don’t need that much money in the world. Fiat is produced by printing and has no multiple when made. But when fiat transfers into the crypto market. There is a multiple of 25-50x. So 1 million invested in crypto, would create a possible marketcap of 50 million. This also works in reverse as people sell. The marketcap never reflects amount of money invested

  13. Why do you mention Tron so often? It's like you are part of their marketing campaign.

  14. I’m becoming a very big fan of yours

  15. If Facebook coin becomes the defacto crypto I will eat my own junk!

  16. J

    Nobody wants BTC

  17. Can't think of a worse reason than to accept Facebook coin ,it is basically another way to keep people locked up and insecure focusing on their egos while gaining FB more dominance .
    Incentives they give control person freedom ,no one wants to be left behind and un noticed ,it will try and be the centre of everyone's lives ,if it isn't mostly half way there already
    I hope people wake up and forget this shitcoin

  18. Very valid info. Great review. Controlling currency is power. To many stupid people in the worl that want communism.

  19. Guantanomo Bay, CUBA. 1 guess where I hide my phone

  20. You're saying this on the heels of Apple releasing a credit card. I mean this is the technocracy prophecised long ago. Of course there will be a backlash.

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