How to Build a Crypto Game Quickly – CocosBCX Tutorial (Part 1)

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Published on July 22, 2019
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Today we are creating crypto games with Cocos Creator and Cocos BCX.

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  1. Construct 2/3 is very popular these days for creating HTML5. mobile, generally cross-platform 2D games. I think you should consider making also video covering this software 🙂

  2. doon -

    Ivan when part 2? I'm building a Steem based dapp now but am planning a crypto game next.. this could be just what we need and am curious about the blockchain implementations and interactions.

  3. great video Ivan! but you jumped on a very important element , the construction of the game! lol!

  4. Thanx for not drinking coffee… 🙂 Thumbs up!

  5. Fantastic Video, just started to learn coding java 2 days ago, never coded before. Your video has come at exactly the right time. I actually understood a few things you were talking about. Lets me know that I am learning. Exciting times ahead.Thanks for sharing

  6. See the real Crypto game in Cajutel, CAJ goal a Licence!

  7. bro I can't understand anything you are saying. I am serious, and I want to understand you. Are you on crack?

  8. Hey… Ivan. Really An Amazing video. I Enjoy it. Cajutel might decentralise Africa in terms of work and transaction

  9. Is it true that, the Libra is going to replace the Bitcoin and almost all other crypto currencies for reasons below:
    1- Libra cost almost nothing to transfer, the Bitcoin can cost more the transferred money.
    2- Libra take no time to transfer, Bitcoin can take hours.
    3- Libra has secure value, the Bitcoin can cost 100k today and 1 the second day or even worse nothing.
    4- Libra is secured by huge amount of big companies and other non profitable communities and even governments, the Bitcoin carries the 51 attach sickness which may gets there any moment, and that’s it for this case.
    5- With Libra it is not possible for money laundering, With Bitcoin it is so simple, so you don’t even need to think about away to do that.
    6- with Libra your wallet is more secure, With Bitcoin we have many stories that tells it is not.
    7- Libra cost almost no energy, the Bitcoin mining companies uses more energy that whole countries.

    And maybe more reasons that are enough to tell that, putting your money today in Bitcoin is very risky.

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