CRYPTO LEVERAGE – PukkaMEX vs BitMEX – Interview + Explanation

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Published on August 2, 2019
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Today we are explaining and interviewing Pukkamex, a new platform for leveraged trading and copy-trading.

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  1. Ivan bro how are you so HUGE?

  2. Lol these look like the most untrustworthy guys i've ever seen

  3. 9i9

    Nice. Will PukkaMex have cross leverage option?

  4. The name sounds like a pokemon

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  6. LOL, hard to take them serious with a name like Pukka

  7. rand

    leverage is the fastest way to empty your account and make the exchanges rich

  8. that name is autistic… sounds like a fake chinese Mex

  9. we want to share the wealth of the world with the people of the world .let we begin

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