WHERE ARE THE DAPPS? Crypto Ghost Town… Dapp.com Solution

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Published on June 14, 2019
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Today the crypto market offers dozens of platforms (such as EOS, TRON, Ethereum, NEO, etc) and developers are free to pick and choose a platform that fits their needs and use-cases best. This created a lot of issues for the users though. Dapp.com wants to solve this issue and today we will discuss exactly how they are planning to make dapps ready for mass adoption.


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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. I have smashed the likes – Missouri, USA

  2. It does make sense. I just have not seen any the least bit interesting dapps. I tried to find out what on earth someone would use EOS for, or any kind of so-called "world computer", and finding a list of dapps there was not one that addressed any kind of need.

  3. Great point and topic about who is using DApps…there are not many users to say we have mass adoption and there are numerous fast blockchains like Tron or EOS…still we can’t say that we have world wide adoption

  4. You mentioned Steemit and Steem in the first 30 seconds and then pretended they didn’t exist for the rest of the video..? What apps are people using on NEO and some of the other blockchains you named? LOL… Social media is one of the best use cases for dapps and Steemit has had first mover advantage since 2016.

  5. G K

    To be fair u have not slammed tron as hard as others. So fair play to you.

  6. G K

    Ivan. For god sake. Tron is not a shit coin. Everything works. I hated it too. Dont keep saying the word tron like its a joke anymore.

  7. L T

    @ivan what do you think about EOS solution to use yubikey for signing transactions?

  8. IMHO Most valuable dapp now is DEX, check Vite with their DEX, named ViteX. These guys building their own ecosystem.

  9. Uvas

    Did Jimmy Song win his bet yet?

  10. In most cases it's unnecessary to have an app on a decentralised system.

  11. Sure if you want a slow shitty version of YouTube, so technical just to sign up, it even defeats a geek like me, use DAPPs (D Tube)

  12. no one uses DAPPs because they are useless in 99% use cases

  13. Jman

    Skywire and CX multi-purpose programming language is your solution Ivan

  14. Pledgecamp ($PLG/$CS) is right on the cusp of changing all that with its revolutionary crowdfunding platform that will change the way we do fundraising in the future, not just for traditional startups but for ICOs as well.

  15. Ivan, what are your major holdings? Just curious. Do you mainly stick top 10?

  16. Zeb 1

    So, Ivan, you make a good point, we should all be using more dapps, but tell us then, besides cryptokitties which is basically pointless, what existing dapps should we be using?

  17. Hi Ivan ! I'm sending you my BAT tips. Loved the content!

  18. "You are not a normal person". Thank you!

  19. "Teach people to secure their private keys" = Slap face BUY A HARDWARE WALLET!

  20. Hmmm, Crypto Zombie shilled Dapps yesterday. Is Crypto chico right about you guys.

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